Emulsified asphalt slurry seal characteristics

Emulsified asphalt slurry seal characteristics


Emulsified asphalt slurry seal characteristics

1, Waterproof: slurry mix aggregate size smaller, and has a certain gradation, emulsified asphalt slurry mix molding, it is firmly adhered together with the road surface, forming a dense surface, prevent the infiltration of rain or snow grass.

2, slip: As emulsified asphalt paving mixture slurry layer is thin, and the level of coarse material with uniform distribution, if appropriate amount of asphalt, no weeping phenomenon, having good surface roughness, friction coefficient significantly increase, good skid resistance.

3, wear: cationic emulsified asphalt due to acid, alkali aggregate has good adhesion, and therefore can be used slurry mix of hard wear-resistant high-quality mineral aggregate, and thus get good wear resistance prolong the life of the pavement.

4, the filling effect: Mixture emulsified asphalt slurry with more water, the slurry after mixing showed a state having good fluidity, which is filled with the slurry and leveling effect. Small cracks on the road and off the road uneven pavement caused by loose, slurry seal Treatment is available to improve the flatness of the road.

5, low construction costs: Compared with hot material paving method, since the construction is at room temperature without heating, and fast construction speed, saving manpower, material and financial resources, the economy is good.

6, less than: slurry seal can not be remedied pavement cracking and deformation due to poor subgrade strength and stability caused, but also because oil does not improve too much asphalt pavement weeping sky, slurry seal also requires early conservation , suitability requirements for raw materials is high, the case can not be closed to traffic in the road, can not provide the raw materials should not be used slurry seal construction.