Road maintenance machinery anybody's game into a competitive market outlook, the focus of service

Road maintenance machinery anybody's game into a competitive market outlook, the focus of service


Road maintenance machinery anybody's game into a competitive market outlook, the focus of service


Road maintenance machinery anybody's game into a competitive market outlook, the focus of service

Road maintenance machinery enterprises Zhengfangdouyan contending

  The exhibition has hundreds of exhibitors, the exhibition area of nearly 10,000 square meters, brings together many well-known enterprises, Trinity roadbed, Hill pushed shares, Volvo, XCMG construction machinery and other domestic giants are dressed appearance in the exhibition . The show features the main products are rollers, pavers, milling machines, road maintenance vehicles, asphalt materials and equipment, cutting machines, etc., show the same period, many well-known companies have held a new conference released a variety of new products, so that exhibitors spoiled for choice.

  Hill pushed shares Introducing SM100MT-3 one meter milling machine. Hill pushed shares through visits to customers, market research, research and development in line with user needs SM100MT-3 one meter milling machine, and with the exhibition of its grand market. In addition, Hill pushed shares also carry SRP90S the multifunctional telescopic paver, SR14D-3 tandem rollers and other products exhibition, attracting countless visitors stopped to visit, ask. 
Volvo during the grand launch of the exhibition of water-stable type Volvo crawler paver crawler asphalt paver, double drum vibration roller and other products, and held a press conference to provide customers details Volvo crawler water stable type paving machine, from product features, parameters, user feedback, etc. details of the performance of water-stable type Volvo crawler paver, allowing the majority of users of water stability Volvo crawler paver have a better understanding.

  XCMG, Sany roadbed and other companies also have to carry a variety of products debut in this exhibition, from the booth or from the products, have shown that corporate style, bright spots, many exhibitors have a souvenir photo at its booth.

  After the market has become a military service to be

  I attended the exhibition and visited a number of exhibitors, find a common characteristic, engineering machinery enterprises increasing emphasis on after-market services, have to be classified as military importance. Since the construction machinery industry goodbye to the golden period of rapid development, engineering machinery enterprises have to upgrade and explore the development of the industry road, for a time, after-market services has become an important bargaining chip business competition, companies have to pay more attention to the market, have held a series of visits to customers, listen to the voice of the customer, customer service.

President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association has said Qi Jun, after the market has great potential. In fact, after the construction machinery market is very rich, including insurance within the service, maintenance, leasing and re-manufacturing. Currently, foreign construction machinery after the market has developed to a certain size, and market development after China's construction machinery industry is still in its infancy, there is still much room for development. Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu Bin Shi also said that after the construction machinery market is given a new blue ocean.

Hill pushed shares related to leadership through visits, we learned that Hill pushed shares in 2014 for customer service very seriously, in addition to caring line loaders, road machinery also began to visit customers, understand customer needs, to help customers solve problems. And this is the cut line Shantui technical R & D personnel and service personnel to the user while there for customer service and understanding of user needs, to listen to the voices of users, has introduced new products to meet customer needs. 
 Green has become the main trend of development of the industry.

At the show, companies launched new products in terms of energy saving and environmental protection under the effort. Recently, haze has become an important issue troubled people, the state increased its support for energy conservation and environmental protection industries, for construction machinery and other heavy industries to guide and encourage the development of energy-saving and environmental protection direction and give some support, as a big drink of oil construction machinery industry also followed the national policy to increase R & D investment, and achieved certain results.

Hill pushed shares in the show launched SM100MT3 one meter milling machine fully taken into account during the development of energy-saving and environmental protection, it uses automatic engine idling and other energy-saving technology, the machine has better fuel economy. In addition, it uses a unique noise, noise devices, so that the machinery during operation, the noise is greatly reduced.

 Volvo introduced the Volvo P8720B ABG paver series of water-stable type, equipped with 170kW, displacement of 7 liters of Volvo engines to achieve the perfect combination of high power output and low fuel consumption. In full power operation without paving the occasion, the operator can choose the smart energy saving mode on EPM II system automatically reduces the engine speed, thereby reducing fuel consumption up to 30 percent, while significantly reducing engine noise